Our History

The early 1900s were a time of change in Kansas City, Kansas. Early population shifts in (what is now) downtown Kansas City, Kansas led Bishop Thomas Lillis to approve the creation of a new parish: St. Peter’s. Rev. Bernard Kelly was appointed the church’s first pastor, October 7, 1907 and December 8, 1907, the first mass of the new parish was celebrated at the Bishop’s residence, at that time located at 1228 Sandusky. The mass was attended by 126 people.

In early 1908, fundraising efforts began, with the vision of building a facility to house the church and the school. The effort was so successful the first cornerstone to the facility was laid March 14, 1908. In August of the same year, the first Mass was offered, and September 7, 1908, the new church and school were dedicated. The new school opened with 95 elementary students and 10 high school students.

The school quickly became too small. By 1912, a new high school was built at 1236 Sandusky to accommodate the demand for Catholic education. A greater parish need was also beginning to emerge: the necessity of building a new church, parish house and Sisters’ residence. Thus, another fundraising campaign began.

During 1916, construction began on the new parochial residence and was completed in 1917. After years of collecting pledges for the new church’s building fund, construction began in 1925 and took more than two years to complete. The finished product was a Gothic structure built out of Carthage stone. The first Mass at the new church was celebrated on August 1, 1927 and the dedication of the church took place September 5, 1927.

St. Peter’s parish thrived. By 1937, 430 students were enrolled in St. Peter’s elementary school. In 1947, a fire broke out in the school and the need for a newer, bigger, and safer school presented itself. Eight years later on October 23, 1955, the new school was dedicated.

In 1947 the See City was transferred from Leavenworth to Kansas City and Bishop Donnelly honored St. Peter’s by dedicating it as the new Cathedral in 1948. A portable wooden Bishop's throne was installed along with 12 gold crosses representing the twelve apostles between the stations.

St. Peter’s parish continued to grow and prosper through the 1960s and 1970s. In 1982, new heating and air conditioning was installed in the church. In 1989, a new expansion project was started to build a parish center. Ground breaking for this project commenced Sunday, April 12, 1992. In 1998, the interior of the church and chapel were renovated. On May 31, 1998, the parish celebrated its 50th anniversary as a Cathedral.

Again the population began to shift, and many people move to the suburbs. By 2006, school enrollment declined to 110 students. A decision was made by the Archdiocese to consolidate schools in eastern Wyandotte County. In May 2007, the Cathedral of St. Peter School held its last graduation and closed a chapter in its history. The consolidation of Cathedral of St. Peter School, All Saints School, St. John the Baptist School and Holy Family School gave way to Resurrection Catholic School (RCS) at the Cathedral in 2008.

On October 8, 2006, St. Peter's centennial year began. Archbishop Naumann celebrated the 11:00 mass, with over 400 in attendance. Throughout the course of 2007 many activities were held to celebrate St. Peter's 100 years. Closing ceremonies were held October 7, 2007. A statue of St. Joseph the Worker was blessed and placed in the Centennial Garden and a time capsule (to be opened in 2057) was buried.

Pastors & Rectors of St. Peter's

Rev. Bernard S. Kelly, 1907-1909
Rev. Bernard Mohan, 1909
Rt. Rev. Patrick McInerney, 1909-1911
Rt. Rev. Francis M. Orr, 1911-1937
Rt. Rev. James P. McKenna, 1938-1966
Rev. Leo T. Lutz, 1966-1967
Rt. Rev J. Kenneth Spurlock, 1967-1983
Rev. Thomas Tank, 1983-1986
Rt. Rev. Henry Gardner, 1986-1991
Rt. Rev. William Curtin, 1991-1996
Rt. Rev. Thomas Tank, 1996-2003
Rt. Rev. Gary Applegate, 2003-2005
Rt. Rev. Robert Bergman, 2005 - 2009
Rev. Harold Schneider, 2009 - present

Associate Pastors of St. Peter's

Rev. Cowell O'Neill, 1916-1921
Rev. James Molloy, 1918-1919
Rev. Cowell O'Neill, 1919-1921
Rev. Herman Koch, 1921-1938
Rev. Francis Hubbard, 1933
Rev. John O'Connor, 1934
Rev. Leo Lutz, 1938-1944
Rev. William O'Shea, 1938-1939
Rev. John Walters, 1940-1941
Rev. Edward Roberts, 1941-1943
Rev. Vincent Edwards, 1943-1945
Rev. Paul Miller, 1944-1948
Rev. Maurice Krautkramer, 1945-1946
Rev. William Curtin, 1947-1952
Rev. Joseph Flannagan, 1948-1949
Rev. John Quigley, 1952-1955
Rev. Henry Gardner, 1953-1961
Rev. Harold Wickey, 1955-1959
Rev. Raymond Burger, 1960-1963
Rev. Robert Aiduk, 1961-1963
Rev. Robert Hasenkamp, 1963-1966
Rev. Robert Pflumm, 1963-1967
Rev. John Erickson, 1966-1967
Rev. James Doeble, 1967-1968
Rev. Charles McGlinn, 1967-1969
Rev. Frank Burger, 1968-1969
Rev. Thomas Tank, 1968-1973
Rev. George Matz, 1969-1971
Rev. Kenneth Bergman, 1971-1973
Rev. John Hackett, 1973-1974
Rev. Larry Zeller, 1973-1975
Rev. William Maher, 1974-1976
Rev. Lawrence Ginzkey, 1975-1978
Rev. Robert Myers, 1978
Rev. Henry Orth, 1978-1980
Rev. Harold Schneider, 1980-1981
Rev. Robert Pauly, 1981-1984
Rev. Martin Juarez, 1984-1986
Rev. Christopher Ruhlman, 1986-1988
Rev. Robert Clark, 1988-1989
Rev. Mark Mertes, 1990-1993
Rev. Raymond May, 1993-1994
Rev. Timothy Haberkorn, 1994-1997
Rev. Steven Beseau, 1997-1999
Rev. John Torrez, 1999-2002
Rev. John Pilcher, 2003
Rev. Brian Klingele, 2004-2005

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